2017 Accomplishments

5K Run/Walk

We taught the youth how to work as a team to plan, market the event, work in groups, and execute a 5K run/walk to raise money to purchase T-Shirt equipment. This equipment is now used by the youth to make, market and sell their own T-Shirts.

Purchase T-Shirt Equipment

Children were trained how to print, market and sale their own T-Shirts.

Attend Local Community Event

Atlanta Hawks dedicated Creel Park Basketball Court

Volunteer/ Government

The children volunteered to help decorate a foster family home his Christmas Ornaments
Kids learned about what certain government positions do.

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers came out to enlighten the youth about making great choices

Christmas Toy Drive

Transforming Youth, Inc. received Toys for Tots and we serviced 139 Families and 239 Children with toys in 2017.

Field Trip to visit local business owners - February 2018